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Stunt Coordinator

Owner of Moto Stunts International, Tony Bailey, has over 40 years experience as a stunt coordinator, having started out back in 1977 as part of a three man motorcycle display team. Here he'll describe all that you need to know about his role as a stunt coordinator.

What is a stunt coordinator?

A stunt coordinator is usually an experienced stunt performer in their own right and in Tony's case that is deinfitely true, have performed a variety of stunts over his career. Often hired by a TV or film director or production company they will source and cast the stunt team or individual require. Their role will also involve directing the performance of stunts for a film, television programme or a live event.

stunt rider
London New Years Day Parade 2020

Casting stuntmen and women

Tony has worked with a huge cast of stunt riders and performers over the years, having to source a wide range of professionals for everything from TV shows to international events such as The Muscat Festival, Bahrain, shown below.

International Muscat Festival 2016, Bahrain

Choreographing stunts

Most stuntmen and women will have their own performances and routeens but Tony is often brought in to provide additional guidance and direction for a particular scene or sequence.

As a stunt coordinator he works closely with the director so that the stunts are choreographed to fit the scene or storyboard the director has planned out.

Tony is on hand to make sure the stunts look realistic and match the director's ideas shot for shot.

Stunt Coordinating Experience

Tony was called upon to train Michael Crawford for an episode of his TV series "Some Mothers' Do 'Ave 'Em." This episode was titled "The Dispatch Ride," Tony taught Michael some motorcycle tricks, in which Michael Performed extremely successfully. Tony also acted as a stunt coordinator while filming the show in 1978.

In May 1982 the team were performing in Brockley (South London). This was where John "Golly" Goddard performed his first spectacular jump. He made a jump over 118 people laid down side by side. Later in the year on July 18th 1982 at the Chester Racecourse, John "Golly" Goddard jumped successfully over 16 double decker buses, clearing a distance of 132ft.

More recently Tony worked with Phillip Schofield and his stunt team for an advert for We Buy Any Car


Tony consults on a regular basis for a number of production companies for adverts, music videos and films.

View our gallery of images from all our stunts shows over the years. Call Tony on 07807 249 662 or email for more information.

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