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This high octane, action packed Stunt Show, has wowed the crowds globally. Performing at the most high profile events from the Muscat Festival in Oman, to Jukarta Indonesia and most recently Abuja Nigeria this year MSI has had a great year performing at BBCs Children in need (Carfest) North and South, Essex Arena, Uxbridge autoshow, Shropshire Truck Show and RAF Brize Norton.

Our Moto Stunts World Records Include:

  • World Motorcycle Trolley Jump record.
  • World Record burning walls of fire.
  • Spectacular 15 buses and 16 truck jump.
  • 22 men on one motorcycle.

The MSI Full Show draws on Tony, the Team Leader's, thirty years of stunt experience. With his large team of up to 6- 8 performers, MSI thrill crowds with high ramp motorcycle jumps, over several cars. Skilled ,trick riding by the whole team and formation riding. Involving dangerous, high speed crossovers, four wheel jeeps are introduced but only driving on two side wheels! It's very James Bond also as seen on TVs Scrapheap Challenge ,a Suzuki Jimny that actually wheelies. This spectacular is a favourite with both children and adults alike. then the quad, that rolls over a complete 360�,entertains. Always pleasing the adrenaline junkies building up the crowd tension and excitement ,as the MSI show moves towards the finale, of the 30 minute extravaganza .The death defying Stool Stunt. followed by some of the Uk's finest Motor Cross riders, spectacularly jumping cars, vans and even tractors. Concluding with the riders crashing through a large shed and wall , that is engulfed by a 15ft high, 1200� fire!!!! Hopefully unscathed but never undeterred the team at Moto Stunts International always complete the day of the family and crowd. By meeting the public, posing for photos and signing autographs.

Moto Stunts International perform a fantastic, fast paced, adrenaline packed, main arena attraction Suitable for all ages. Simply a great day out. Book our car stunt display team

The acclaimed Moto Stunts International can offer 2 new displays for this year. Brandon brings the Moto Stunts Show to the stage with a smaller display for your main arena attraction. This fresh new show, has background music and a twist of humour fast moving spectacular includes, daredevil motorcycle stunts, two wheel jeep driving and incredibe quad wheelies. Motorcycle jumps over four cars, side by side. Culminating with the Fire Wall and setting one perfomer actually on fire! !!! Live!!!

Skilled at wowing and entertaining crowds, the Moto Stunts delivers thrills and smiles. In equal measure, for all the family.


The Focus Display team

Precision formation car driving team in 4 matching Ford Focus cars,handbrake turns reverse spins paralell parking Quad drifting ,2 wheel car driving, wheelie and Rollover Cars, the display concludes with a car Jump and a fire finarley

For a standard show we require a minimum of 60x80 yards arena, corded off from the public with double spaced stakes and roping, plus a set-up area adjacent to the arena, however shows can be tailored to fit your venue.

Available for road safety displays for schools, colleges etc.

Team sponsors include Multi Clean and Clearance, EBC Brakes, NGK Spark Plug Limited, Suzuki Breakers, Wulf Sport Motocross Clothing. Apart from these they are a self sufficient team.

Originally formed in 1979 by Tony Baily, they have performed throughout the UK and Europe. The show, ever changing and advancing, uses his vast experience and expertise has taken part in many British World Record and TV appearances.

MOTO-STUNTS INTERNATIONAL bring you a professional spectacular display which is suitable for a family audience, with the unique entertainment of Suzuki Jeep drives and Stunts with Motorcycles adding to the excitement.

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