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Car Stunts

car stunt Muscat Festival

Our Car Stunts Amaze The Crowds

The photo above shows our rollover jeep performing a car stunt at the Muscat festival in Bahrain, a huge event full of entertaining acts. The stunts we created used a varierty of cars including jeeps on two wheels being jumped over by our motorcycle stunt team.

Car stunt team Bahrain

Car Stunt Videos

All our car stunts are performed by our trained stunt team that hs over 40 years experience, from World Record attempts to funny stunts using our little jeeps.

The video above shows our jeeps on two wheels going around the arena whilst below the photo shows Brandon taking our Suzuki jeep for a drive on two wheels out in Bahrain for the Muscat Festival.

two wheel car stunt

Our team of quad riders in formation

Two Wheel Car Stunt

Ford Focus car stunt team

Some of our car stunts are performed by our Ford Focus team that combines up to 4 cars in formation along with a motorcycle stunt rider.

stunt bike jumping car

We also use our cars for many of the motorcycle stunts with riders leeping over them sometimes 3 or 4 at a time.

If you'd like to hire our car stunt team or arena display team please call Tony on 07971 233573.

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