Motorcycle Stunts with Moto Stunts International

A selection of our stunt show video clips!

New clips of the stunt display team in action updated regularly.

London New Years Day Parade 2023

MSI at Landrover MAX 2009

Motorcycle freestyle display stunt clip. One of our top motorcycle riders performing an amazing motorcycle stunt.

The 'Wall of fire' video is a crowd favorite and the motorcycle display team love performing this great crowd pleaser.

Mini Monster

MSI Tony Baily on Scrapheap Challenge C4 video

Motorcycle Jump Collection

Two wheeler clip

Introduction to Moto-Stunts International, a tour of the arena.

Motorcycle stunts - One of the team goes through a number of different motorcycle fire jumps and stunts.

Our team of quad riders in formation.

Our wheelie jeep in action throwing a stuntman from it's roof!

2 wheel quad display from our large quad team of riders.

Quad, truck and jeep car stunts in this arena display, team effort from all our riders.

Quad, truck and jeep car stunts

This motorcycle stunt clip of the burnout bike is one of our favorite stunts showing the motorcycle burnout fire!

Wheelie Jeep

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