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Just some of our events for 2020

London's New Year Day Parade (LNYDP)

May 19th Loveloughbough Bike and Trike, also booked for May 2020

May 26-27th 2019 Highclare Castle

June 19th New Addington

June 29th Dagenham Steam Cider

July 20-21st Masham Steam Railway, Yorkshire

Aug 24th Poynton, Stockport

Aug 26th Aylsham Show, Norfolk

Aug 31st - Sept 1st Cornwall Motorfest

Sept 7th Darlington Cummngs factory

Sept 14th Frome, Somerset

London's New Year Day Parade (LNYDP), 1st January 2019, also booked for 2020

Just some of our events for 2018

London's New Year Day Parade (LNYDP)

London's New Year Day Parade (LNYDP), 1st January 2018

Essex Arena, April 2018

Melton Mowbray, May 27th 2018

Downham Market, May 28th 2018

Motofest Father's Day, Essex, June 17th 2018

Derby, June 30th - July 1st 2018

Cornwall MotorFest, August 3rd 4th 2018

Santa Pod Raceway - Bedfordshire, August 12th 2018

Ashbourne, August 18th 2018

Hampshire, Sept 2nd 2018

London's New Year Day Parade (LNYDP) 2018

MSI and Stunted Reality displayed skilled motorcycle and quad riding along the famous Parade route, which had never been done before at the LNYDP!

Just some of our events for Summer of 2017

Melton Mowbray, May

Essex Car Show, June 18th

Dagenham Show, July 1st

Mid Devon, July 22nd

Essex Custom car show, Barleylands, Southend CM11 2UD, Aug 5-6th

Isle of Wight, Aug bank holiday

Just some of our events for Spring/Summer of 2016

Wakefield show (May 2nd)

Melton, Stunt riders (May 29-30th)

Monday Bank MSI (May 30)

Brandon Stunt Riders - New Addington (June 12th)

Headcorn Airport MSI (June 11th-12th)

Lydd Carnival Kent (June 18th)

Cranliegh Show MSI (June 19th)

Winterton Show MSI (July 2nd Sat)

Lauren Brockwell - Brandon Stunt Riders (July 16th 17th)

Uxbridge Auto Show MSI (July 17th)

Angesley Show MSI (Aug 9th-10th)

Motor Madness Sandwich (Aug 20th-21st)

Gosforth Cumbria Stunt Riders (Aug 20th)

Egham Show MSI (August 27th)

Copdock Motorcycle Show, Trinity Park, Ipswich MSI (October 2nd)

Copdock Motorcycle Show, Trinity Park, Ipswich MSI (October 2nd)

Bahrain Show, Bahrain International Circuit - MSI (November 18th and 19th)

Bahrain Show, Bahrain International Circuit - MSI (December 15th and 17th)

Bahrain 2016

Spring/Summer Schedule 2015

Wakefield Show (4th May)

Melton Mowbray Town show and Funfair (24-25th May)

Brandon Cambridge (25th May)

Wrotham classic car show (13-14th June)

Moto madnes (20-21st June)

Woolwich (27th June)

Oakengates Telford Shropshire (4th July)

Cotswold Show (4-5th July)

Newport Shrops (11th July)

Scotland (11-12th July)

Essex Arena Stunt show (18th July)

Uxbridge show (19th July)

Car Fest (31st July)

Car Fest (1-2nd August)

Honiton (6th August)

Canwell (8th August)

Car Fest (28-30th August)

RAF Bizze Norton (5th September)

Shropshire truck show (5th-6th September)

Spring/Summer Schedule 2014

RIMZ & BEATZ The Car And Bike Show Abuja, Nigeria (Easter Monday 21st April)

BMF May Show - Peterborough Arena (May 17th/18th)

Melton Mowbray show - Leicestershire, LE13 0WT (May 25th 26th )

Biggin Hill Festival of Flight - Biggin Hill, Kent (June 14th)

Margate (June 28th)

Maldon Abricultural Show - Yorkshire (June 29th)

Winterton Agricultural Show - North Lincolnshire (July 6th)

Scottish Car Show - Exhibition Way, Glasgow (July 20th)

Middelton, Manchester (July 27th)

Canwell Show - Midlands (Aug 9th)

Ashbourne Show - Osmaston Polo Ground (Aug 16th)

CarFest North - Oulton Park, Cheshire (1st-3rd August)

Corsley Show - Warminster, Wiltshire (25th August)

RIMZ & BEATZ The Car And Bike Show Lagos, Nigeria (3 events) (December)

Spring/Summer Schedule 2013

Kit Car Show Detling (April 13th and 14th)

Nationl Kit Car Show - Stoneliegh Warks (May 5th and 6th)

Essex Young Farmers (May 19th)

Driffield Yorks Car Show (May 25th and 26th)

Heart of the Forest Show Measham (June 22nd)

Car feast Oulton Park (Aug 2nd - 4th)

Oswestry Agriculture Show (Aug 3rd)

West Wales Motorcycle Show (Aug 17th and 18th)

Andover, 22 Engineer HQ troops return from Afghanistan (Oct 12th)

Exeter kit car show (Oct 26th - 27th)

Summer Highlights 2012

Dufan Adventure Park - Jakarta

Dufan Adventure Park - Jakarta 2012

Dufan Adventure Park (Aug 10th to Sept 3rd)
Other UK shows Rutland, Leek Grizzley near Reading 4x4 show canceled due to water logged field.
More Events Coming Soon

Summer Schedule 2011

The Kent County Fair - Hop Farm, Kent (April 30th, 1st & 2nd May)
Northwest 200th Race Week - Thursday Stunt Spectacular (May 19th)
Melton Mowbray Stunt and Freestyle Stunt Show (May 30th - Bank Holiday Monday)
HMS Collingwood Open Day - Fareham Hants (Saturday 4th June)
Brackley Carnival (Saturday 18th June)
New Addington Carnival (Sunday 19th June)
Modified Show - Brands Hatch (Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June)

Worsop Carnival (Sunday 3rd July)
Dagenham London Provisional (Saturday 16th July)
Minster Agriculture Show - Somerset (Wednesday 27 July)

Chale Show - Isle of Wight (Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th August)
MSI Live Annual Event - Rainham, Kent (Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th August)
>Moto Stunts International Live with Kent's finest live bands, classic cars, motorcycles, fair rides and much more, not forgetting the one of the UK's Top Stunt Show.
Kent's Stunt Spectacular - Leysdown Holiday Park, Kent (Sat 20th & Sun 21st August)
Little Groves Leisure Park - (Sat 20th, Sun 21st August & 22nd August)
Wensleydale Agriculture Show (Saturday 27th August)
More Events Coming Soon

Summer Schedule 2010

1st February - Muscat Festival - Dubai
19th February - Santa Pod Stunt Nite
18th April - Sports and Custom Bike Show - Loose Road, Maidstone - 10am-4pm
6th June - Isle of Man TT, Douglas Promenade
12-13th June - Peter Dowdeswell, Record Breakers, MSI's Hayley Fire Walls World Record Attempt, at Billing Aquadrome, Northampton
26th June - Grenadier Guards, Hungerford
June 27th - Swadlincote, South Derbyshire
3rd & 4th July - Sherdley Park, St. Helens
17th July - Dagenham Show
24th July - Mid Devon show Tiverton
10-11th August - Angelsey Agricultural Show

Summer Schedule 2009

19th April - Blackpool (ride safe back safe)
25th May - Melton Mowbray
17th 18th 19th July - LRM show Newark
1st August - Norfolk Arena stock car meeting, Kings Lynn
5-6th September - Coventry festival of Motoring
13th September - Solihull Round table, West Midlands

Moto-Stunts International and The Muscat Festival 2008 in Oman

Moto Stunts International's Tony Baily organised the first Freestyle stunt show to The Muscat Festival Oman. Negotiations started in July 07 by the festival organisers, requesting Tony to send a DVD with film footage of MSI's wide choice of stunts and specialist vehicles. The top festival organisers came back to me requiring freestyle jumps rollover jeep, quad and motorcycle trick riding and the freestyle jump over the fire wall as a spectacular finale.

By October contracts were signed plans for ramps and equipment had to be measured for container space, Freestyle take off ramp, 12 motorcycles, four quads, rollover jeep fire equipment, tools and ride clothing. Plans for the freestyle landing ramp were sent and would be erected on the Festival Plaza site in Al Athaiba near Muscat Airport, just one of the many Festival sites, Ourum Natural Park, AL Sahwa Park and A Seeb Beach. Activities, cultural and variety events, held every February since 1998 attracting up to 3 million people from all over world for prodigious 4 week festival period.

Top UK freestyle riders Jamie Squibb, Dan Whitby and newcomer Wayne Jacobs agreed to join Tony on the trip, also stunt riders Jasper Steve and Tony’s son Brandon to form the MSI team.

By the end of Nov all the equipment had be brought to Tony’s base near Brands Hatch in Kent in preparation for the container load which was on the 17th of December, that sailed on the 21st from Felixstowe and arrived in Muscat port on the 12th of January in plenty of time for our preparation.

We flew out to Oman...

The MSI teams tickets were arranged and we all flew out from Gatwick on the 26th of January saying goodbye to that winter weather, arriving in Muscat Airport with a 4 hour time difference from the UK and a sunny warm morning and welcome by the festival organisers at the Airport. We were taken to our hotel accommodation, swimming pool, gym, sauna and settled into our rooms with a late lunch. Then later that day had a look at the site location.

Over the next few days Tony and Steve Jacobs sorted the equipment, Rollover Jeep, Quads and Burnout bikes and along side Dan and Jamie organised the positioning of the Freestyle landing and take off ramps. By February 2nd the landing ramp was built and the team was ready for a practice day prior to our first show day on the 3rd. All went well MSI and the team was ready for the 13 days of 3 shows per night ahead. Travelling from the (Majan Continental Hotel) to the site each day by coach, with other performing acts from all over the world, (see our first performances were from 7.30 to 11.00, performing in front 8,000 people per night, members of the royal family, ministers, and visitors worldwide in a fantastic cultured crowds, with live bands and stage acts at Plaza Al Athaiba every night it made for a tremendous atmosphere.

The first few evenings were a little cool so the locals said, seemed quite warm when I was going through the fire and the youngest UK Freestyler Wayne Jacobs was gunning over the top. Dan Whitby and Jamie Squibb performed some fantastic professional freestyle wowing the crowds and proving to be the UK's top riders.

Steve Jacobs performing the rollover jeep took a hammering, I didn’t know who or what was more damaged, him or the jeep! Brandon Baily performed the quad tricks and captured all the pictures and film footage.

"Thanks to all our stunt performers the show was the most spectacular motorized show the Muscat Festival has ever seen. MSI hope to return and produce an even bigger show in the future, we would like to thank the festival organisers for inviting MSI Team to this prestigious world event."
Tony Baily MSI

Muscat Festival Stunt Display, Motorcycle stunts.

M S I will be planning a 2009 show for the Muscat Festival.

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