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The London New Years Day Parade 2018-2022

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Moto Stunts International (MSI) is your go-to destination for exhilarating motorcycle stunt shows. Our seasoned motorcycle stunt display team has taken their incredible performances across the United Kingdom and around the world. From dazzling audiences at the Muscat Festival in Oman, Jakarta in Indonesia, and the Bahrain International Race Circuit to the annual London New Year's Day Parade, our live displays have been broadcast globally for the past three years.

With a remarkable 30 years of experience as a stunt coordinator and advisor, we excel in crafting awe-inspiring motorcycle stunt spectacles, as well as delivering jaw-dropping quad and car displays. Whether you require skilled stunt motorcycle riders, ramps, props, or even the creation and transportation of stunt equipment for your film and TV productions, we have you covered.

The Thrill of Our Motorcycle Display Team

Our team of display riders specializes in captivating performances that feature daring crossover formations with cars, quads, and, of course, stunt motorcycles. Alongside our talented riders, we feature an array of specialized vehicles, including a wheelie 4x4, off-road 4x4s, and transport trailers. You'll be amazed by our quad team, two-wheel car drivers in Suzuki Jimnys, a mini monster Jeep, and spectacular quad rollovers. We even deliver exceptional trick riding performances on motorcycles and quads at various arenas and circuits. Keep an eye out for our six Yamaha race quads performing breathtaking jumps, while our Suzuki road bikes execute fire burn-outs, ideal for tarmac and track events.

Unforgettable Motorcycle Stunts

At Moto Shows International, our motorcycle stunts take center stage with high-speed moving ramp jumps, thrilling crossover quad jumps, and gravity-defying static jumps over vehicles such as cars, vans, and even tractors. But it doesn't stop there. Our team creates a show that sizzles with fire stunts and the explosive spectacle of pyrotechnics that guarantees a breathtaking, surefire success for every performance.

motorcycle stunt display team

The Ultimate Motorcycle Stunt Display Team

Our spectacular arena shows are further enhanced by our expert commentary and backing sound system. MSI can deliver a continuous display lasting 20-30 minutes or tailor it to your specific requirements. Expect nothing but the best in car stunts and, of course, mesmerizing motorcycle stunts that cater to the entire family. No matter the weather, our team is ready to astound and entertain the crowd.

Safety First

With four decades of experience as a stunt coordinater, Tony has orchestrated shows both in the UK and internationally. Our top priority is always public safety. For your peace of mind, we don't involve members of the public in our displays, and we maintain a robust £10 million Public Liability Insurance. Detailed risk assessments are available upon request.

Equipment Hire for TV and Film Productions

If you're in need of equipment for your TV and film productions, MSI has you covered. We offer a comprehensive range of options, from display riders and quads to motorcycles, cars, ramps, and off-road 4x4 vehicles. Transport trailers are also available. Reach out to us at 07807 249 662 or email for more information.

Join us at Moto Stunts International and experience the adrenaline-pumping world of motorcycle stunt shows that leave audiences spellbound. Witness the artistry of our performers and the unparalleled professionalism that defines our legacy. It's all right here, in the heart of the United Kingdom.

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