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We setup the FMX ramps for the new advert with Phillip Schofield, shown above.

Motorcycle Stunt Shows and Car Stunt Team

Stunning Motorcycle Stunt Shows with Explosive Action!

Quad stunt display

Moto Stunts International (MSI) motorcycle stunt display team have traveled and performed in the UK and globally at the Muscat festival Oman, Jukarta Indonesia, Bahrain international race circuit and in 2022 once again performed a Spectacular Display at the London New years day parade, which was broadcast live worldwide. With 30 years experience as a stunt cordinator and advisor, performing motorcycle, quad and car displays, we can supply stunt display riders, hire ramps, props, build and transport stunt equipment for film and TV productions.

Motorcycle Display Team

The team display riders can perform crossover formation driving with cars, quads or motorcycles. We also have specialist vehicles, a wheelie 4x4, 4 x 4 off road and trailer transport, a Quad team, a combination of up to 2 two wheel car drivers in Suzuki Jimnys, a mini monster Jeep and Quad rollover, trick riding in various ways on motorcycles and quads at arenas and circuits. Six Yamaha race quads will amaze crowds performing jumps, Suzuki road bikes perform fire burn-outs (more suitable for tarmac and track events).

Moto Shows International motorcycle stunts include high speed moving ramp jumps, crossover Quad jumps, a large static jump over cars, vans even tractors. The team set up and perform various fire stunts and on each performance use pyrotechnics to give the show a big bang and sure fire success for their performance.

motorcycle stunt display team

Our commentary and backing sound system complements this superb arena show. MSI can perform 20-30 minutes continuous display or to your requirements with some of the best cars stunts and motorcyle stunts around. A professional all action entertainment display and great value for all the family. The team can perform and wow the crowd no matter what the weather.

With 40 years experience as a stunt coordinater Tony has created shows in the UK and internationally with the teams top prioity being public safety. We do not use members of the public in our display, and we carry 10 milion P/L Insurance and risk assessments available on request.

Equipment Hire for TV Film Productions Display Riders, Quads M/cycles Cars, Ramp equipment, off road 4x4s vehicles and transport trailers call 07807 249 662 or email

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